The school provides facility of transport to the distantly resident students.

The Rules

  • The School vehicle routes and stops will be decided keeping in mind convenience to as many as possible.
  • The change in vehicle route can be done on request of the parents, provided it does not cause any inconvenience to any body else.
  • The student should arrive at the stop 5 minutes prior to the arrival time of the  vehicle.
  •  Vehicle will not wait for the late comers.
  • The safety of the student till he/she boards the  vehicle is totally parents responsibility.
  • The students will be held responsible for any damage to the  vehicle caused by their negligence or vandalism and the damage will be made good by the students themselves.
  • The student has to be well disciplined while boarding the  vehicle, travelling in the  vehicle and alighting from the  vehicle.
  •  Vehicle facility can not be discontinued in mid of the session. One month’s advance notice in the beginning of the session is to be given to discontinue  vehicle facility.
  • Principal’s permission only permits a transport availing student to go with his/her parent at the closing time of the school, had they visited the school for some reason.

Private Transport
Private Transport must also be punctual in arriving at the school. The late students (availing private transport) will be allowed only when they produce satisfying reason for the delay.